Shining Light on Our Health Hero: Mrs. Sabina Jaza, Our Brenda Norwood Nurse

Today, on School Nurse Day, let’s take a moment to shine a spotlight on someone who’s more than just a nurse—Mrs. Sabina Jaza, our Brenda Norwood Nurse.

Mrs. Jaza isn’t just about bandages and thermometers; she’s a source of comfort, care, and expertise for us all. Whether it’s a scraped knee or a worried student, she’s always there with a smile and a listening ear.

Beyond her clinical duties, Mrs. Jaza is a champion of wellness, tirelessly promoting healthy habits and creating a nurturing environment for everyone in our school community.

So, let’s come together and say a huge thank you to Mrs. Jaza for all she does. You’re not just our nurse; you’re our health hero!

Light blue and white school nurse day poster